UO Legends - Ultima Online free to play server

About UO Legends

What is UO Legends?

UO Legends is an Ultima Online free shard with over 7 years running. Whilst initially conceived in Spain, our active community is now integrated by players from all over the world and we provide support in Spanish & English. UO Legends follows closely the official shards' style, offering all of the original Ultima Online content for free. We currently have up to the latest Ultima Online expansion pack: Stygian Abyss with new monsters to defeat, new dungeons to explore, new skills to master and new items to get. We have a very balanced player-versus-player (PvP) system in which gives you the possibility of having a lot of fun playing unusual templates.

Why choose UO Legends?

  • Shard in constant development with bug fixes and new content.
  • Dedicated staff with over 10 years of experience helping players.
  • Loyal to official shards' style but completely free.
  • Good skill gain rates: because the important thing is to play, not grind.
  • All current expansion packs, including Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss.
  • Three playable races: Human, elf & gargoyle.
  • A lot of new skills so you can create novel and interesting characters.
  • A whole town & dungeon specifically designed for novice players.
  • Faction player-versus-player (PvP) system with scores based on kills & assists.
  • Automatic events every day, including Color War & Capture the Flag.
  • A more social Ultima Online with ingame chat & private message system so you can easily communicate with other players.
  • Seasonal gifts & events.

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