UO Legends - Ultima Online free to play server

Farewell UO Legends

It has been many years, Ultima Online is a game with more than 17 years on their backs, which is awesome, and we played for more than ten years ago. It is a hobby that has occupied our time, we've had fun playing this server and then managing it so many players have been through. We loved being players, we loved being staff, but when you have no time to properly proceed with one of your hobbies, it's time to park it.

It is true that the server has been progressively worse, and it is precisely because we couldn't invest the time required even when we wanted it. Work, family and other responsibilities took us away from Sosaria, that world we love so much. We regret therefore that after much reflection, we decided that the time of UO Legends is over, and therefore will close its doors for the February 28, 2015.

We hope you have enjoyed playing on the server as much as we did running it, updating it, making events. We wish UO Legends to be in your memory as a place of adventure and fun.

Greetings from the Staff of UO Legends